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Centennial, CO | A great town deserves great Internet |Ting



Centennial, Colorado knows all about starting something: A business. A movement. It's a place to work. To play. To raise a family.

We know about starting something too. Crazy fast fiber Internet, the fastest Internet around. From Ting.

Pre-order today, because we’re just getting started.

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About Ting Internet:
We believe the that crazy fast fiber Internet is about more than the fastest Internet connection. It’s a game changer for people and for cities. It’s next generation Internet to power the next generation of ideas.

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Director, Editor: Paul Stachniak
Writer: Andrew Moore-Crispin
Director of Photography: Ben Z. Cooper
Narration: Maya Tuttle
Producer: Paul Stachniak
Associate Producer: Samantha Murphy
Executive Producer: Andrew Moore-Crispin
Music: The Centennial